To start, everyone everywhere can become an AIME friend and receive our Sunday Kindness mail-out, and you can also be a friend of AIME Apparel to get the latest Apparel items. Our social media platforms are where you can give a voice to these kids, we do our best to profile new stories that challenge the stereotypes week in week out, giving kids the stage, just like in an AIME session, to rise up and use their voice to shape a new future.

If you are a university student and AIME is at your campus you can apply to be a volunteer mentor.

If you are a university student and AIME is not at your campus you can put in an expression of interest to get AIME to your campus.

If you are located near a university campus where AIME is and would like to share your knowledge with the kids, you can offer to run a failure time session. Here is a link explaining failure time, and here are the local emails for all our universities.

If you feel like you are an absolute baller with an incredible story to share you can apply to be a guest on AIME TV. Check out the vid on AIME TV here and the apps are here.

If you would like to get us to your local university then our suggestion is to jump on the emails and get a meeting with the president of your university and get them in the game.

If you are a university executive and would like us to work with your university ping us here.

If you are a school that would like AIME at your school, flick your note here.

If you would like to partner with us in Australia, you are either a university, or organisation interested in funding our work and working together you can email us here.

If you are interested in partnering with us globally you can email us here.

If you are interested in studying AIME here are your pathways:

  1. For university students and high school students - your friend is this website, and Google. Google AIME, Google our Founder, track all the articles and interviews and you’ll get everything you are looking for. Unfortunately we can’t say yes to interviews for university or school assignments.
  2. If you are a university or research organisation interested in conducting research on the impact of AIME, you can express your interest here.

If you want work with AIME, chuck in your CV here and ask to volunteer with us, that’s your best bet to get your foot in the door. Join the friends list, and track the jobs that come out on this page.

If you wanna grab some AIME Apparel, jump here.

If you wanna make a donation and send these kids a message that you are standing with them, jump here

Every year we record session attendance and track progression through school, for every student in the program. We also track the paths our kids choose once they leave high school.

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